Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Final Goodbye

Sorry I am so sorry if your hearing this because It was so sad that this is the Final goodbye that you are going to see that I am blogging in the Holidays competing in the Summer Learning Journey and doing heaps of cool stuff happening in the Summer and Next Year school time. On christmas we are going to have a cool trip around Auckland or I am going to Aussie for a Holiday for 4 weeks.

Next Year I am going to start a Business of a Gym so I can earn Money and get Rich, Also play a good Season at rugby doing Big hits and Better Tackles. My favourite Part of this year was Sports and that we can get more Information.

Also I had some days off School in Spring because I went to the NRL GRAND FINAL 2017 at Sydney Australia and also a Picture of me at Wet n Wild Sydney.

Thanks for listening to President Ny this is Pt England NZ News.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Camp Bentzon 2017 Year 6.

Finally, another holiday away from school, Only Year 6’s. Some Yr 5 and 6’s didn’t come, most came late and miss the bus. Over the North Shore and take a boat to Kawau Island in Camp Bentzon. It was Yr6 camp and the 14th Time this camp was Held since 2003. After going to Kawau Island the Boys did a Haka for the Island when Peter and Erin saw someone coming.

We then welcome them with a waiata and Took all the stuff from the Boat, after we then gone to our rooms and place our bags in our cabins and sleep with our mates but before we leave is get our day bags on us and go up Killer hill. Then we had to take a big hike up the mountain and took us a long time to get up there. It took us 1 hour to get there while we played for another Hour at a nearby beach and back to Camp Bentzon.  After it then took us a fast time better then the first time and the Boys took 10 minutes to get there. Celebrating with joy!

After we then went on a swim on Tuesday to do some bombing and belly flop into the water. The next day we then woke up early like it was 5:30 but then we saw a Wallaby in the bush. We after then went for a run on the Fitness Trail which is a 5 minute run. If you do it within under 5 minutes then you are a fit person. So then after we did Breakfast which they heaps of protein food and also Ice cream but I didn’t eat any junk food because it’s not good for you. After we then did some Activities which was Sailing, Raft Building, Concourse and Bivouac which was our first Rotations and also we did some other game like Spotlight, Volleyball and Hit and Roll. We then did our Camp Concert practice and after did Spotlight, After we then got dressed in black because we want to camouflage in the dark and I made 4 times back to the deck.

The Next day was the same. The next day we then woke up early like it was 5:30 but then we saw a Wallaby in the bush. We after then went for a run on the Fitness Trail which is a 5 minute run. If you do it within under 5 minutes then you are a fit person. So then after we did Breakfast which they heaps of protein food and also Ice cream but I didn’t eat any junk food because it’s not good for you. But we did Abseiling, Kayaking, Burma Trail and Orienteering.

On Behalf of the all the Y6 campers we like to stay thank you to all the people who set up this camp and to all the civilians who on that beautiful Island and also to you Peter and Erin and I can’t believe that you haven’t had internet for 14 years! Enjoy the Nature, good work.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Manaiakani Film Festival 2017

Thank you for This Wonderful Event last wednesday at Sylvia Park. We first had to Check the Roll at school and also the other class had to stay at school until 11:00 at Morning Tea. After we then went to the hall, then sort out our buddies with the Year 1’s, so we then went to the so buses with a Buddy and my buddy was a girl which I helped her in the Rain so she doesn't get wet.

After we got on the Bus we then went to our seats and off to the Movies we go, “Okay we off to Town’’.  I said. We then got there and saw some People from the Manaiakalani Community Service and the Picture off the Short Films that we are going to watch. 5 minutes later we then began with the Extension group of the Yr 5&6’s and Much much more from other schools.

My favourite part is when the Movies were Creative and Sharing with Kindness. Some of them we funny and also kinda cool, It’s the 10th Anniversary of that Film Festival and that Glen Taylor Has now join our school Fest of Manaiakalani.

Next year Is going to be way better than This Year's Film Festival. We are gonna do some hard work in The Summer and Winter to get these movies sorted for Next Year so we can do the best at our test’s and showing off. We can do this By learning to get smarter and Including our teachers.

Thank you So much Helpers and The Service for setting up this event for us. Without you we couldn't have fun with you, so and clap and another Thank you for this. Thank’s this is Nytram and see you soon!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion Assembly Term 3 2017

Back From Aussie, Back from holidays and back from school. This term topic was about Siren Songs, Pop Music and Hip hop. This is Term is now called MUSICAL MADNESS!! This is our last term for this and we are going in Summer soon, after we then played outside but when Mr Goodwin came out we then gave him a gift for him which was a Matta T-Shirt from Peter Wynn's shop where the Big Mall is at Parra. Then we went outside and get ready for the Assembly.

After in the Assembly we went to sit down and watch the Topics about this Term about Music. While we then got ready for our term and listen to the band before we get on for our topic. So what Team 1’s Topic is about playing a game while listening to music. Team 2’s one was about learning about all kinds of music, Pop, Rock, Rap, Hip Hop and much More! Team 3’s topic was about MTV Music and Lip Syncing.

Team 4’s Topic was that making our own songs and Commercials on TV or Programs. We mostly learning to make Music like it without copyrighting the Play Tracks. What we mostly do is that we copy the video from Apple Music which Taylor Swift did on YouTube. So when you go on YouTube I first go on the Home Site and click Music and you will find the music.

What I want to learn is making Siren Songs by Scratch while we can make more music. We hope that we can The Sirens Loud as so we can show off to people around the school. This can be a Success If We can work together in a Group.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Leaving Aussie

On Friday was a very bad day. Because we had to go back To NZ, it was the last day for us to stay at Aussie while we said goodbye to everyone. So we had to catch the train the city because we can’t miss that train all else we would miss our flight back. So we got on the train from Fairfield to Glenfield, and then interchange from Liverpool to International Airport. So after we got to the train station we did scan our train cards to get in the Airport so we then checked our plane tickets to the Latam plane which to us 1 Hour to get our tickets checked so we had some food and then come back and we got our tickets checked now! YAY!!!

Now we just said one final goodbye to everyone so we just had a photo and off the to the plane. Now we just scan our bags and onto the plane and wait for the announcement to take off. It took us 2 and a half hours to get from Sydney to Auckland. Now we just watch some TV and play games on the screens, now we took off and flyed away back to the country. Now we had to just wait and watch stuff on the screens until the food comes. 2 hours later we got the food and got a yummy drinks.

Finally we just back to New Zealand. We got on the Plane and took off to our place while we wait till my dad comes and pick us up. The End.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

At the Park 2 2017

If you haven’t read Part 1. Then go on my blog.

Yesterday I went to a better park which was better than Rotary Park. Something with heaps of trees. And It was the Fairfield Parkour Park, we then played for 30 minutes over there. First we climbed a big spider rope which was 10 ft tall. I was like, I can do IT! So I was climbing up at the very top which was very scary, I then go at the top but then I slipped and almost fell down. I was shouting hard out, HELP, I then believed in myself and pulled myself up and then I just got up and happy. Then My mum was taking photos of me at The ropes and At the top of the tower. I then had to go on this rope which was like a bridge lake back in the olden days. So I then went on the slide down and on o the next Parkour park.

I did do some tricks over there. But I was time to go. So we can be safe because It was getting dark. So we went back home and had a good time. The End.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

At the Park 2017

On Monday October 2nd 2017. We went to the Park at Rotary near Bankstown and Canterbury. We then had a picnic over there while their was a family reunion. We had so much food like sandwiches, chips, water, fizzy drinks and much more. Then me and my cousins went to play at the park as central was climbing up the monkey bars. At that time I was climbing up a very tall spider web where you can see everywhere around the park. Then we played at the parkour training course while we had to do some freerun and some climbing.

After we had played. We then listen to the speech of our family reunion as we can remember the people who were born before us. Then we talked about the bible of our lord who save us all. I was very interesting while listening to heaps of CRE learning. So while we finish we played at the Playground again and did the same thing over and over again. Then we said goodbye to our friends and family and walk as fast as we could to the train station.

We had 10 more minutes to get there which was heaps of time left.While we stop at the lights we saw a big baby possum lying down on the grass and It was ugly! We only had 5 more minutes to get there. So we kept on walking fast in full speed. We were almost there. Then the train is almost there all else we have to wait another hour. We have 1 minute LEFT!! So then I spritzed all the way the train station while we tap on fast as and a lady on a lift let us get on it and we just got there on time. The End!!

Wet n Wild Sydney

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Journey to Aussie

Today I had to go to Aussie for the Grand Final at Sydney this year. It will take 3 hours to get from NZ to Aussie. So we got up very early like 3am in the Morning while getting ready and having a shower to look good at the Airport. The plane that we went on was Latam which was a big plane on the Airlines. So first we said goodbye to our family so we can be early to the flight. After my dad sented us to the International Airport so we can check our bags If we didn’t had any bad stuff in our bags. I then checked in our flight tickets for Sydney near the Main City Airport. Later on we got there 20 minutes earlier while sitting down on the chairs for 2 HOURS!!!

Now we waited 2 hours we got on plane as soon as possible, Now we just waited for the suitcases and the Plane to set up for take off. So on the Announcement and Safety last call we were ready for take off and off we went 10000 meters tall from the water and played some games we played were like Mini golf or 8 ball US version. I took us 3 Hours to get to Sydney while we had to go around New Zealand and then head to Australia. The while we had 1 and a half hour to get to Sydney we had some Lunch like Fruit Salad and a Sandwich.

Finally we just enter Sydney and just enter the Country happy and safe so now we just got back and went to the hotel at fairfield and live Happy and ever after.

Monday, 25 September 2017




Monday, 18 September 2017

Stardome Trip.

On the September 14th 2017 I got to school very very early like 6:50am, which was boring because none of my friends were at school. So I just ate my pizza bread and walk around the school for half an hour, soon when it was 7:20 the gates were finally open. YES!!!! So I went into the school grounds and at 7:40 I saw Jayden playing with his ball, I did play on the playground for 20 minutes. But when it hit 8:29am, I was shouting hard out, AHHHHHH!!!

Image result for pt england

So I ran back to class as fast as I can soon I had 30 seconds to get back to class. But I left my bag at the playground so I had 20 seconds left to get to class, then I sprit all the way back class, 5 near the courts, 4 at the courts, 3 near class, 2, in a big crowd of people, 1 at class, 0 the bell rang. So I just got on time. So the groups in 1 and 2 went to the Observatory for 3 hours at Stardome. Then we finally got on the bus to stay there for the day. But we were a bit early so we just played at the park.

EVERYONE COME IN!!! So we went to Stardome with a good attitude and listen to the manger who show us everywhere around the place. He then showed us the space room at near the entrance. Then he talked about the solar system of why we orbit the sun and why. Then he talked about all the different planets and also the Dwarf Planets. All the dwarf planets spin fast but moves slowly because it orbits a different way like pluto.

EVERYONE COME IN!!! So we went to Stardome with a good attitude and listen to the manger who show us everywhere around the place. He then showed us the space room at near the entrance. Then he talked about the solar system of why we orbit the sun and why. Then he talked about all the different planets and also the Dwarf Planets. All the dwarf planets spin fast but moves slowly because it orbits a different way like pluto.

After the conversation we did the quiz by learning a lot of things going to space or we been looking at, then when I went on the steps to take a photo of me on the paper spacesuit I got ankletap by the steps, soon we went on these cool chairs called the space chairs. Then we look up and the movie was on the roof. The movie was for like an hour and 15 minutes, so we watch the movie then Kurtas, Saane and Me were talking about secrets of the movie.

Image result for stardome free pictures

We learn that the solar system was always about the sun and the moons. We learn about what planet we are going to live on in the future, but that is not gonna happen because the Earth is the only planet we can live on. And also why It is called Solar because every planet, moon and satellite gets power by the sun and that everything is orbiting the sun for the rest of the universe.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Cross Country

WALT: structure a recount
On the Day of Friday September the 1st there was an Important day that happen which makes us Fit and that we had CROSS COUNTRY!! It was the fun run who did the the sport for us and they gave us a sponsor paper that we can raise to get a prize. We having good breakfast and made a healthy lunch for the big day.

When I just got to school very early I went to the class and just save my energy for Cross Country and that I was very scared for the run last week. This is going to be super scary, so what I did is did some training for 10 minutes so I can come in the Top 10. I was writing a story about the cross country so I can come in the top 5. So when it hit 11:00 I just panic for 5 minutes until the run of cross country, I can do this! So I prayed so I can come in the top 5 and have the best race, also run as fast as I can. Then Mr Burt first called the Year 1’s and then the clappers went, 3, 2, 1, BANG!!!!!!!!

Of I went so I was jogging for the start of the race, I feel like going to the toilet but It was too late. Then I past the very first cone of the run, I was having a problem by running in the mud because it was so heavy that I would drowned in quicksand. Yes I made it, out I went from the mud then I got a KM to go then I made a Mistake for Gassing Leiite for good. Then leonardy come through the cone then I saw him coming 4th. I tried to catch him but I couldn’t. So I just ran all the way back by coming 5th in the cross country.

I just came 5th I was alright with it but I drank some water, soon, I WAS BUSTING!!!!!!!! So off I went to to the toilet and just felt alright as soon I got out of the toilet, But I DID wash my hands. So we watch the rest of the race and felt very tired from the run. Then we went back home safely. The End.

Mars One Project

Friday, 18 August 2017

Photos Of learning

We have been learning about Fractions and Parallels.

When the numerator is less than the denominator, the fraction is proper, i.e. less than unity. When the reverse is true, 5/2, the fraction is improper, greater than unity. When a fraction is written with a whole number,  like 31/2, the expression is called a mixed number.
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Facts About Lines of Latitude--Are known as parallels.--Run in an east-west direction.--Measure distance north or south from the equator.--Are parallel to one another and never meet.--Cross the prime meridian at right angles.--Lie in planes that cross the Earth's axis at right angles.--Get shorter toward the poles, ...
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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Picture Book For Year 1's

Okay Every One. We are at the NASA HQ. So King got 4 pals Nytram, Jayden, Terry And a Monkey. But the Monkey didn’t had a shower for like 5 years. But they still take the monkey into space. So they now head to the rocket and ready for countdown. 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast OFF!!

We off to a New Planet. Lets choose Mercury. The first planet from the Sun. After we went on the planet it’s not a good planet to live on. Let’s get out of here.

So off they went back to space and then went to the next planet closer to the sun. Let’s go to Venus, said the Monkey. After we went on the planet. It’s so the hottest planet from the solar system. Let’s Get out of here.

So off they went back to space they went to the 3rd planet from then we saw earth. Hey that’s not the planet, said Terry. Let’s fly past it. Will come back later.

So then we went to the 4th planet from the sun. We then landed on mars. After we landed on the planet. This has to much volcanoes. Let’s get out of here.

So off they went back to space they went to the 5th planet from the sun. After we landed on the planet. OMG! This is the largest storm planet in the solar system! Let's get out of here.

So after they went back to space and then they went to the 6th planet from the sun. After they landed on the planet. They have nice rings but also a gas giant. Let's get out of here.

So after they went back to space and then they went to the 7th planet from the sun. Okay this is Uranus, Said Romeo. After they landed on the planet. It’s so cold over here. Let’s get out of here.

So after they went back to space they went to the last planet from the sun, Neptune. LET’S DO THIS! Said all. After they landed on the planet. The is also cold, more than that last planet. Let’s move it. After they went to the spaceship. The monkey saved all of them. Let’s get out of here.

So after they went back to space the went back to earth. Yay back to the planet and Live happily ever after. The End.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The World is Dying!

2 People named Deniro and Terry flying to Space so they could find a new planet to live. The Earth is Dying by Aliens and FNAF Coming to our planet. We had to evacuate the planet or the planet will be destroyed so everyone on earth hops in the planet and soon blast off and flew off to space. The earth does no longer exist.

After 5 minutes in space, we then vote for what planet we should choose for our New Home and New Planet.  We then had to choose Mars or Pluto, 49% for Pluto and 51% for Mars. So they went off to Mars and they had to work hard to build houses, hotels, internet and a radio station. But they first have to clear the Radioactive in the whole planet of Mars. So more people came to mars and Helped them clear the Radioactive and build a Radio Station at the center of the planet.

Then they keep building and building houses and towers around the planet until their are finished and make Money but WAIT a It seems that a Flying Object is flowing in the clouds. IT’S A UFO! So they go to the gun shop, what they build. And then gathered them up and started shooting at the UFO and More and More UFO’s spawn in. Some people hop into a vertibird and 2 Miniguns on both sides of vertibird and charged to justice. The aliens had Ray Gun Mark 2’s and Every human had Miniguns, Rifles, Snipers and a Gatling Gun to Defeat the Aliens. 2 very boring hours later keep on fighting! Then Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy came to Mars for some back up. Then BB, Puppet, and Shadow Bonnie came. And the strongest is Springtrap.

5:59am In the Morning They keep on fighting for 5 hours and when the Clock turn to 6am The Animatronics then turned off and The Humans Won the battle. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So then Build Towns and Cities and the best part is internet and Computers, Xboxes, PS3 and 4s, Phones and Other Devices. THE END!

Monday, 26 June 2017


Massive Waves.
Big Rocks.
When the weather Changes.

Helmet / Lifejacket.
Check your Kayak.
Check The Weather Forecast.
Bring Phones/ First Aid Kit.

Create a Kayak

A kayak is a small, narrow watercraft which is propelled by means of a double-bladed paddle. The word kayak originates from the Greenlandic language. A kayak is something that’s like a waka but 2 amount of people can ride on it.

Anyone can buy a kayak but It’s a lot of money to buy a kayak which is like $100 to $250 dollars. Like Schools and camps for a trip to anywhere. But pretty cool right?

Image result for kayak drawing

Monday, 12 June 2017

SkyCity Fortuna 2017

Wednesday On the 14th of June. The Fortuna is Happening at SkyCity, Auckland. But not any diner. All the Warriors and Coaches are Coming to SkyCity with One Player per each table. They will give prizes out for anything or Try to get the T-Shirt off the host for the Night.

Here are the following photos from Last Year in 2016:

JOKES! I can’t get photos on Docs.

But last Sunday, there was a Threatre at SkyCity. We went to watch the game on a VERY Big Screen and thank you they had tables!

The Final Score Was 34-12 To the Warriors. Ryan Hoffman Score The First Try And Jarrad Hayne and Konard Hurrel IS BACK!


By Nytram.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Food Critic

This title was The Food Critic.

On Monday Morning. I went to class and was ready what we are going to do today and learning about.

When Mr Goodwin told me to do and what to finish, he told me about how Homer became a Food Critic. And he is a Idiot to. So after we watch the video the whole class gets to eat chocolate which is pretty yum.

Then We had write what did it taste like, So it looked like milk, also like a biscuit and a thick shape. I tastes like Milk, also the textures tastes like butter. It smells like Oreo, coconut, Smells sweet and has a light smell. And I felt like hard brick, oily and sticky.

What I don’t like is I’m not allowed to eat to much all else I'm forcing Myself. I don’t like to much oil so ya that’s It.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Castaway Story.

Image result for castaway movie

One day there was a Man who was stuck on a island after he crashed his plane. So he was lost by himself with no people around him. He was injured both legs and he was trapped for 2 years.

The Next day, he had to make shelter to keep him warm and dry, so he had to walk around to find things to make his shelter. He then walked around the beach to find some bamboo and sticks to build his shelter, then he had to find something to tie the sticks together so he found some flax. So after tieing the sticks together he had to go and collect some Fronds to put over the shelter to make a roof. He then decided to collect more leaves to make a carpet for his bed. And had to collect wood for his fire.

The Next day, he was going to hunt for some food, so he was walking around the island and he came across a tree with coconuts on it, so he climbed up the tree and got all the coconuts and threw them to the ground. Close by was a banana tree near the coconuts and he got the bananas off the tree. After taking all the fruit back to his shelter, he went to find a stick to make a spear for him to go fishing in the sea, and also to find any other sea creatures around the island. After he caught a big shark in the sea so he took it back to his shelter he went back to the sea and got some fish in the ocean.

So he had to make a sign out of sticks in the sand that say’s help. And next to it he had to make a fire just in case the rescuers couldn't see the help sign, and we could light the fire if we saw a boat in the ocean. So he can go to sleep on the next day the rescue the castaway man who was stuck for 4 years.

When he woke up he can hear a loud noise and the man ran all the way to the beach and waving his hands to the helicopter so the helicopter dropped a ladder so he can be saved so he can get back home to see his kids. THE END!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Immersion Assembly Term 2 2017.

Walt: using exciting language.
This Morning, was our first day back at school for Term 2 so we headed to assembly. Our First talk was Mr Burt talking about the old and the new Chromebooks. And the Man donated $250.000.00 to help us kids to have some Chromebooks.

The School Theme for this term is Now that's Thinking. All teams are doing different themes.

So After Mr Burt’s korero, The First team was Team 1. They were talking about Making Kites and Seeing if they can fly, team 2 is doing the same theme as team 1. Team 3 was talking about Matariki. So Mr Moran was at the beach with his boat and throwing stones into the sky to make stars. Team 5 was talking about how to fix stuff like bob the builder, they are going to fix things up around the school.

Team 4’s Topic was about What kinds of technology did Maori use before Pakeha arrived in NZ. There are a lot of things Maori used before the Pakeha. Pakeha’s made cars before Maori’s. And Pakehas Made watches, Internet and Farms before Maori’s.

During the term. I want to learn about how Xbox was made.  And what was it sponsored by and what games they make like PewDiePie who Makes $

I hope this term is going to be good because I'm serious if this is not a good term. THIS IS BAD!!!!!!!! REALLY BAD!!!!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Power of Rubbish: Oranges.

Walt: to be understand and express ideas across multiple texts
Walt: link ideas back to the environment