Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Picture Book For Year 1's

Okay Every One. We are at the NASA HQ. So King got 4 pals Romeo, Jayden, Terry And a Monkey. But the Monkey smells like poo and didn’t had a shower for like 5 years. But they still take the monkey into space. So they now head to the rocket and ready for countdown. 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast OFF!!

We off to a New Planet. Lets choose Mercury. The first planet from the Sun. After we went on the planet it’s not a good planet to live on. Let’s get out of here.

So off they went back to space and then went to the next planet closer to the sun. Let’s go to Venus, said the Monkey. After we went on the planet. It’s so the hottest planet from the solar system. Let’s Get out of here.

So off they went back to space they went to the 3rd planet from then we saw earth. They that’s not the planet, said Terry. Let’s fly past it. Will come back later.

So then we went to the 4th planet from the sun. We then landed on mars. After we landed on the planet. This has to much volcanoes. Let’s get out of here.

So off they went back to space they went to the 5th planet from the sun. After we landed on the planet. OMG! This is the largest storm planet in the solar system! Let's get out of here.

So after they went back to space and then they went to the 6th planet from the sun. After they landed on the planet. They have nice rings but also a gas giant. Let's get out of here.

So after they went back to space and then they went to the 7th planet from the sun. Okay this is Uranus, Said Romeo. After they landed on the planet. It’s so cold over here. Let’s get out of here.

So after they went back to space they went to the last planet from the sun, Neptune. LET’S DO THIS! Said all. After they landed on the planet. The is also cold, more than that last planet. Let’s move it. After they went to the spaceship. The monkey saved all of them. Let’s get out of here.

So after they went back to space the went back to earth. Yay back to the planet and Live happily ever after. The End.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The World is Dying!

2 People named Deniro and Terry flying to Space so they could find a new planet to live. The Earth is Dying by Aliens and FNAF Coming to our planet. We had to evacuate the planet or the planet will be destroyed so everyone on earth hops in the planet and soon blast off and flew off to space. The earth does no longer exist.

After 5 minutes in space, we then vote for what planet we should choose for our New Home and New Planet.  We then had to choose Mars or Pluto, 49% for Pluto and 51% for Mars. So they went off to Mars and they had to work hard to build houses, hotels, internet and a radio station. But they first have to clear the Radioactive in the whole planet of Mars. So more people came to mars and Helped them clear the Radioactive and build a Radio Station at the center of the planet.

Then they keep building and building houses and towers around the planet until their are finished and make Money but WAIT a It seems that a Flying Object is flowing in the clouds. IT’S A UFO! So they go to the gun shop, what they build. And then gathered them up and started shooting at the UFO and More and More UFO’s spawn in. Some people hop into a vertibird and 2 Miniguns on both sides of vertibird and charged to justice. The aliens had Ray Gun Mark 2’s and Every human had Miniguns, Rifles, Snipers and a Gatling Gun to Defeat the Aliens. 2 very boring hours later keep on fighting! Then Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy came to Mars for some back up. Then BB, Puppet, and Shadow Bonnie came. And the strongest is Springtrap.

5:59am In the Morning They keep on fighting for 5 hours and when the Clock turn to 6am The Animatronics then turned off and The Humans Won the battle. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So then Build Towns and Cities and the best part is internet and Computers, Xboxes, PS3 and 4s, Phones and Other Devices. THE END!

Monday, 26 June 2017


Massive Waves.
Big Rocks.
When the weather Changes.

Helmet / Lifejacket.
Check your Kayak.
Check The Weather Forecast.
Bring Phones/ First Aid Kit.

Create a Kayak

A kayak is a small, narrow watercraft which is propelled by means of a double-bladed paddle. The word kayak originates from the Greenlandic language. A kayak is something that’s like a waka but 2 amount of people can ride on it.

Anyone can buy a kayak but It’s a lot of money to buy a kayak which is like $100 to $250 dollars. Like Schools and camps for a trip to anywhere. But pretty cool right?

Image result for kayak drawing

Monday, 12 June 2017

SkyCity Fortuna 2017

Wednesday On the 14th of June. The Fortuna is Happening at SkyCity, Auckland. But not any diner. All the Warriors and Coaches are Coming to SkyCity with One Player per each table. They will give prizes out for anything or Try to get the T-Shirt off the host for the Night.

Here are the following photos from Last Year in 2016:

JOKES! I can’t get photos on Docs.

But last Sunday, there was a Threatre at SkyCity. We went to watch the game on a VERY Big Screen and thank you they had tables!

The Final Score Was 34-12 To the Warriors. Ryan Hoffman Score The First Try And Jarrad Hayne and Konard Hurrel IS BACK!


By Nytram.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Food Critic

This title was The Food Critic.

On Monday Morning. I went to class and was ready what we are going to do today and learning about.

When Mr Goodwin told me to do and what to finish, he told me about how Homer became a Food Critic. And he is a Idiot to. So after we watch the video the whole class gets to eat chocolate which is pretty yum.

Then We had write what did it taste like, So it looked like milk, also like a biscuit and a thick shape. I tastes like Milk, also the textures tastes like butter. It smells like Oreo, coconut, Smells sweet and has a light smell. And I felt like hard brick, oily and sticky.

What I don’t like is I’m not allowed to eat to much all else I'm forcing Myself. I don’t like to much oil so ya that’s It.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Castaway Story.

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One day there was a Man who was stuck on a island after he crashed his plane. So he was lost by himself with no people around him. He was injured both legs and he was trapped for 2 years.

The Next day, he had to make shelter to keep him warm and dry, so he had to walk around to find things to make his shelter. He then walked around the beach to find some bamboo and sticks to build his shelter, then he had to find something to tie the sticks together so he found some flax. So after tieing the sticks together he had to go and collect some Fronds to put over the shelter to make a roof. He then decided to collect more leaves to make a carpet for his bed. And had to collect wood for his fire.

The Next day, he was going to hunt for some food, so he was walking around the island and he came across a tree with coconuts on it, so he climbed up the tree and got all the coconuts and threw them to the ground. Close by was a banana tree near the coconuts and he got the bananas off the tree. After taking all the fruit back to his shelter, he went to find a stick to make a spear for him to go fishing in the sea, and also to find any other sea creatures around the island. After he caught a big shark in the sea so he took it back to his shelter he went back to the sea and got some fish in the ocean.

So he had to make a sign out of sticks in the sand that say’s help. And next to it he had to make a fire just in case the rescuers couldn't see the help sign, and we could light the fire if we saw a boat in the ocean. So he can go to sleep on the next day the rescue the castaway man who was stuck for 4 years.

When he woke up he can hear a loud noise and the man ran all the way to the beach and waving his hands to the helicopter so the helicopter dropped a ladder so he can be saved so he can get back home to see his kids. THE END!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Immersion Assembly Term 2 2017.

Walt: using exciting language.
This Morning, was our first day back at school for Term 2 so we headed to assembly. Our First talk was Mr Burt talking about the old and the new Chromebooks. And the Man donated $250.000.00 to help us kids to have some Chromebooks.

The School Theme for this term is Now that's Thinking. All teams are doing different themes.

So After Mr Burt’s korero, The First team was Team 1. They were talking about Making Kites and Seeing if they can fly, team 2 is doing the same theme as team 1. Team 3 was talking about Matariki. So Mr Moran was at the beach with his boat and throwing stones into the sky to make stars. Team 5 was talking about how to fix stuff like bob the builder, they are going to fix things up around the school.

Team 4’s Topic was about What kinds of technology did Maori use before Pakeha arrived in NZ. There are a lot of things Maori used before the Pakeha. Pakeha’s made cars before Maori’s. And Pakehas Made watches, Internet and Farms before Maori’s.

During the term. I want to learn about how Xbox was made.  And what was it sponsored by and what games they make like PewDiePie who Makes $

I hope this term is going to be good because I'm serious if this is not a good term. THIS IS BAD!!!!!!!! REALLY BAD!!!!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Power of Rubbish: Oranges.

Walt: to be understand and express ideas across multiple texts
Walt: link ideas back to the environment

Friday, 7 April 2017

Eating Cockroahes

WALT engage the reader by using interesting vocabulary.  

Haven’t you taste the dead bugs before? Well we have and Mrs Stickland told us to eat all of the crunchy crickets. I walk into class and I saw Mrs Stickland holding a package. It was Crickets! EWWW THEY ARE LIKE COCKROCHES! So I ate a cricket first and It was really YUM! But everyone was spitting it out.

AHHH! This is yuck said everyone. When I felt sick then I ate some Nutella so I could be yum and it did. Thats yum but It was still yuck because their we crickets on the nutella AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Thanks for reading my Story. If you want to read more. Then go to my Blog want I post in the past. Thank you.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Problem Solving Wk 10, Term 1.

Walt: solve multiplication problems. 


Walt: make connections across multiple texts.
Walt: We Are Learning about what eats in A Big Food Web.

Do you believe in Ecosystems? Will nature does and we are going to learn what is Bugs Eat in a Food Chain. A Food chains is with one animal eat one plant eats the other. But a food web is the 2 or more animals eat the same animal that creates a food web what I made. 

So a Orchid Mantis eats a Mosquito and a Moth. A Jumping spider eats a human a Mosquito a moth and a Orchid Mantis. A Koala Bear eats a the same. But the dangerous of all the Japanese Snipe eats almost all in the photograph.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Spitting Spider Vs Lee Mantis Mosquito

Walt: write narrative using descriptive language.

The Spitting Spider is Up against the Mantis Mosquito so they fight now. So the jumping spider is chasing it. The Mantis is trying to run away from the spider because it’s to hungry to catch its prey. Now it shows it’s like a mosquito so it can chase it away then the spider walk’s away and the mantis is safe.

Then the he goes to meet the master to have a fight. Stop hitting me then now they land into a flesh eater plant and trap on the plant. OH NO! NOO NOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The plant has eaten the gunts and the master.

But the Spider came back and laugh at them dying without suffering and now the spider goes to Sydney to watch a Game of the Roosters. SUP Sonny Bill, Sup Dylan. And the Spider live happily ever after.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Walt: make connections across multiple texts.

Spitting Spider

The Colours are Black and Brown.

No.2 The Spitting Spider size is almost 2 feet long and carries a weight of around 3.5 kilos.

Sometimes like haunting like a ghost of sometimes behaving like a Trap Door spider in the middle of the desert.

Watch out it is sometimes like a red back spider but be CAREFUL! Once it see’s you, It will never forget you. It lives in the wild Australia.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Problem Solve Week 7

Yr 5 and Yr 6 camp.

Walt: write about our experiences on camp.

Haven’t you ever been to Yr5&Yr6 camp before?” “Well I have and It’s a fun day when you get to have yummy lunch, dinner and breakfast.”  I Was in the Group called the Principals. Our leaders for camp was Jaylim and Daisy. My Name is Nytram and here is my last journey of camp.

It was still a cold night like last year when there was rain and a bit of sunshine on that day but This Year there was fluid and storms everywhere in New Zealand. But Now It’s gonna be great! This Camp is really fun place at school, well we don’t learn at school but we camp on the camp grounds.  You get to play fun activities like Killzone, The teacher's favourite one Get Lost Everybody, In the hall, Amazing Race and Going to the pools every single day to GI Pools.

This Camp is really fun place at school, well we don’t learn at school but we camp on the camp grounds. I Was in Group called the Principals. You get to play fun activities like Killzone, The teacher's favourite one Get Lost Everybody, In the hall, Amazing Race and Going to the pools every single day to GI Pools.

My Favourite Activity In this year’s camp was going to the pools at Mangere Near the Mountain and we went on the slides and the bombing pool. It was fun because It we were swimming at the pools for the whole day until school finishes.

I just want to say thank you to Mr Burt celebrating this camp for 26 years in the past and thank you to the Helpers, Teachers and our Family to put this amazing camp for this year. I also want to thank Jaylim and Daisy for being the leaders for camp. I hope that the Yr5 campers will have a good camp next year and when the Yr 6 camp will have a good time at Y6 camp.

Alright guys you read my story about camp now. Camp is a really fun day just $70 dollars for the trip but please don’t miss out your teachers don’t want you to miss so go and enjoy camp for you when you start. And HAVE FUN!

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Bird Expert.

Some birds are native or endemic that come from New Zealand and Other countries around the world. They are worn by mammals like dogs, cats and rats but those wild animals like the wildcat is a Cat that comes from the place in the european. The problem is that the birds are blind and doesn't know that they are wanted by mammals.

Have you ever seen a Tui in your backyard? Well I think Tamaki needs more native birds, so we have birds like the tui in our backyards. Let me tell you why. Tamaki tui and bring more of the special New Zealand bird back in the Country farms and Backyard.  

Tamaki need tui and bring more of the special New Zealand bird back in the Country farms and Backyard. They are one of the main birds in New Zealand. But they can not see colorful things like the windows and others.

Known as a mockie. Tamaki needs more of these bellbirds so they can visit and grow the yellow kowhai tree what it’s color is.

Dangerous birds that spit out their spit and coursing poison ivy in the bodies that make the body affected then goes weak the body.

Alright you guys you learn everything of a tui bird and other birds too. Now you could now visit all the birds and be free to look at the New Zealand Birds Online Site and learn their stats. Some birds come from other countries like the birds Magpies, Roosters and Sea Eagles.

Task: We are learning about the stats and stories of birds by being a expert.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Native or Endemic Birds.

Task: We are learning about what are some birds that are Native or Come from other Countries And learning the stats.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Te Taiao O Tamaki

In The East Tamaki we have special Native NZ trees that live in New Zealand. It helps Bees, Bugs and birds safe to make veges on farms and grass. Native Trees come only in NZ when they are evolved in the Nature forest. Some native trees come from other countries around the world. But first born grow in New Zealand.

Task: We are learning about Native or Interludes from other countries that come from New Zealand and from other countries around the world.

Room 7 Eating fried worms.

WALT: write quality introductions.

Have you ever try to drink worm’s soup before. Have you tried a worm snake? I don’t think so, You must drink it and this is our only 3 rules. 1: You must be tough. 2: You must have to eat worms before. 3: There’s no rule number 3.

I was so sad that we were not to have fried worms. Because were have to eat the worms which french people eat.

When Mr Goodwin… was being crazy when he show us a video of chicken fried worms. “Okay guys I’m gonna pull the worms out”. He are the worms! Said Mr Goodwin. He finished cooking the worms. “They are now ready said Mr Goodwin, who's brave enough to eat the fake fried worms. “MEE!!!!!! MEE!!!!! MEEE!!!!” said everybody.

Room 7 eating chicken fried worms Introduction.

WALT: write quality introductions.

Have you ever try to drink worm’s soup before? I don’t think so, but our crazy teacher Mr Goodwin fed us today. There is only 3 rules. 1: You must be tough. 2: You must have to eat worms before. 3: There’s no rule number 3.
Image result for fried flavoured worms
Introduction Rubric

My introduction is boring.
It is difficult to read.
My introduction is easy to read and has some interest for my audience.
My audience is hooked into my subject, it grabs their interest so they feel like they want to read more.
When someone reads my introduction they are left feeling intrigued. They can't wait to read more.
My introduction does not tell the reader what my writing is going to be about.
My audience has some idea about what I am writing about.
My audience is clear what I am writing about.
My introduction lets the reader know the direction and purpose of my writing.

In this lesson we did a writing experience to do with eating chicken flavored noodles, and pretending they were worms. We wrote each sentence of our introduction separately, and then marked ourselves about