Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Iron up east 2018-2019

Iron up east 2018-19

Usually we train Mondays and Wednesdays for Iron up. It’s almost spring.. So I gotta make the most in summer until my season starts for league in Autumn to Winter.

So here’s the thing. Every Mondays and Wednesdays, Week 1-10 is our Iron up days. Usually it's me and Keanu which we do both days. On Wednesdays It’s Me, Keanu, Sione, Lincoln, Davidson and…. I don’t know?

On the first and last week. We have testing. Lucky for Me an Keanu.. We have 2 chances of testing and the others get 1 chance. Keanu and I have to work more harder cause we do development 2 days! We have 7 weeks of hardcore developing, 2 weeks of testing… Start and end. And only 1 week of Active Recovery.
Saturdays is our sand dunes day. Which could be located at the west side of Te atatu. We go there to run up and down. A trainer/owner named Valentino times us for 10 mins of how many reps we do running up and down. 

The part of this story is mostly based on a true fact of statement at Iron up which mostly I was talking about what is the important days and… 
Strength and Conditioning. 

So That is the end of my Story. Make sure to stick around for more updates of the news. Thanks!!! And Goodbye!

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