Tuesday, 3 October 2017

At the Park 2017

On Monday October 2nd 2017. We went to the Park at Rotary near Bankstown and Canterbury. We then had a picnic over there while their was a family reunion. We had so much food like sandwiches, chips, water, fizzy drinks and much more. Then me and my cousins went to play at the park as central was climbing up the monkey bars. At that time I was climbing up a very tall spider web where you can see everywhere around the park. Then we played at the parkour training course while we had to do some freerun and some climbing.

After we had played. We then listen to the speech of our family reunion as we can remember the people who were born before us. Then we talked about the bible of our lord who save us all. I was very interesting while listening to heaps of CRE learning. So while we finish we played at the Playground again and did the same thing over and over again. Then we said goodbye to our friends and family and walk as fast as we could to the train station.

We had 10 more minutes to get there which was heaps of time left.While we stop at the lights we saw a big baby possum lying down on the grass and It was ugly! We only had 5 more minutes to get there. So we kept on walking fast in full speed. We were almost there. Then the train is almost there all else we have to wait another hour. We have 1 minute LEFT!! So then I spritzed all the way the train station while we tap on fast as and a lady on a lift let us get on it and we just got there on time. The End!!

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