Thursday, 5 October 2017

At the Park 2 2017

If you haven’t read Part 1. Then go on my blog.

Yesterday I went to a better park which was better than Rotary Park. Something with heaps of trees. And It was the Fairfield Parkour Park, we then played for 30 minutes over there. First we climbed a big spider rope which was 10 ft tall. I was like, I can do IT! So I was climbing up at the very top which was very scary, I then go at the top but then I slipped and almost fell down. I was shouting hard out, HELP, I then believed in myself and pulled myself up and then I just got up and happy. Then My mum was taking photos of me at The ropes and At the top of the tower. I then had to go on this rope which was like a bridge lake back in the olden days. So I then went on the slide down and on o the next Parkour park.

I did do some tricks over there. But I was time to go. So we can be safe because It was getting dark. So we went back home and had a good time. The End.

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