Saturday, 7 October 2017

Leaving Aussie

On Friday was a very bad day. Because we had to go back To NZ, it was the last day for us to stay at Aussie while we said goodbye to everyone. So we had to catch the train the city because we can’t miss that train all else we would miss our flight back. So we got on the train from Fairfield to Glenfield, and then interchange from Liverpool to International Airport. So after we got to the train station we did scan our train cards to get in the Airport so we then checked our plane tickets to the Latam plane which to us 1 Hour to get our tickets checked so we had some food and then come back and we got our tickets checked now! YAY!!!

Now we just said one final goodbye to everyone so we just had a photo and off the to the plane. Now we just scan our bags and onto the plane and wait for the announcement to take off. It took us 2 and a half hours to get from Sydney to Auckland. Now we just watch some TV and play games on the screens, now we took off and flyed away back to the country. Now we had to just wait and watch stuff on the screens until the food comes. 2 hours later we got the food and got a yummy drinks.

Finally we just back to New Zealand. We got on the Plane and took off to our place while we wait till my dad comes and pick us up. The End.

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