Tuesday, 27 September 2016

At the Movies.

Last Night on Sunday. We went to the movies to watch Pete’s Dragon. There are some bad stuff in that movie but you will be alright. We buyed a lot of snacks, Chocolate, Powerade and Popcorn. It was a lot of fun.

After when the movie finished. We back home safety as possible. THE END.

Monday, 26 September 2016

At Prizegiving.

On saturday, we went to go to my Prizegiving at the club at Mt wellington. The was lot’s of food like pizza, biscuits and all kind’s of stuff. There only 2 teams the U7’s and the U11’s. It was so fun at the prizegiving, I was the best tackler of the team.

The prizes of the best people get lynx and gears. I almost got most got best back but jason got the best back award. Instead I got a Trophy, Certificate and money. I had ten dollers and I got a other tens dollers. I had a good time at the club.

Staying at my uncle's House.

On friday, Me and my sister went to go to my uncle’s house in One Tree Hill. We were training, playing rugby and go to the field’s to do some goal kicking. We had to do level 1 to 10. If you past level 10 then you have to start all over again to level 1 to 20 by drop kicking.

I made it to level 10, 30 metre’s from the middle to the goal post. I kicked the ball as hard as I can. But I went all the way up, Hit the out right and Then MISSED!!!!. “(NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I have had been training for the whole YEAR!).

After we had finished goal kicking. We back to my uncle’s house to eat nacho’s with mince on it. Then we went on the computer to watch this scary test. If you scream our get scared that mean’s you lose.

When it was late We watched the NRL finals series, Sharks Vs Cowboys. I was going for the Cowboys. And my uncle and cousin’s were going for the sharks. I was angry about the cowboys lost to the sharks 32-20.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Last Day of Term 3.

Hi Fans, I have some good news that it's going to be two weeks of school holidays. Also I want to say goodbye to all of my fans. Thanks for all of you that have left comments on my blog. I enjoy all of you's supporting me.

My favourite blogpost is the Pick A Path story about The Walking Dead. If any of you like sport, then you're awesome. All my fans, my favourite sport is Rugby but is NOT UNION, it’s LEAGUE. I hope you have fun on our Spring Holiday. Bye Guys, See you in the Holidays.

Click This Link Of My Favourite Post.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Walking Dead Season 1

In the Jungle Rick and Daryl had survive without getting bitten by zombies. But let’s the story back on. Lost in the middle of nowhere Rick and Daryl you're rowing across the stream. Suddenly there was a waterfall coming their way. Rick and Daryl only had to stay on the boat or jump off. Daryl: (We have to jump off the boat) then Rick said ( We have to stay the boat).

After They keep nagging at each other. They falled of the water Both: (AHHHHHHHHHHH!) they land into the water then they had to swim to the shore. They swam all the way to shore. They saw a zombie coming to have a feed. Rick and Daryl only had one weapon and that was a sniper. Gun: (BOOM BOOM BOOM!) Killed the zombie in the head.

Then they were looking around the jungle. Had found a bunch of zombie trying to Grabbed someone. And that person was called Glenn : Someone HELP ME!. He was shouting hard out. Then they had to save him or let him die. Rick: We should help him. Daryl: Ok. Then they started to climb the fence and pull him up. 2 minutes later, the zombies broke the fence down.

They had to Options. Run Away or Get a Van and drive Away. Both: We should run away. They run all the way. But the zombies ran faster and faster and faster. They went up the stairs lock the door and stay in inside. Phew! That was close. Daryl: What did you do all of this before, Glenn said: Delivery Pizzas. Rick said: well welcome to the team Glenn. Rick gave a Shotgun to glenn.

Glenn had a wife and 1 girl. The wife’s name is called Maggie. And the girls named is called taylor. The End.


Image result for holes stanley yelnatsToday In Room 10. They were watching and 13 year old movie called Holes. The Main character’s were Stanley and Zero known as Hector. There was a lot of rude stuff and it was gross. But some stuff are so funny so have fun on the movie.