Thursday, 1 December 2016

How does soap make bubblez.

Walt: Find Key information
Walt: Understand the science of mixing water, soap and oil.
Walt: Understand what soap does to grease and dirt.

Animal Race

One day before Christmas. It was a very sunny day and there was a person called Jeff. He had a baby eyes, a bunny head and rugby clothes. He was rich and wanted to go to the rugby game in Sydney. But the problem is that he had to go to the Animal Race. So he pick a Pokemon out of Raichu, Giratina and Squishy’s Evolved. So he choose Giratina the dragon pet.

He choose her because they can beat everybody at the race by flying to the finish line. And Now time for the Animal Race!!! So all the animals went to their positions. On your mark, Get set, Go. So off they went so fast now the race was against the two animals Raichu and Giratina. So he was using thunder bolt and now they started to fight.

Now the Race is with to 1 people and Almost they all at the finish line. Suddenly it started to rain! Everybody was running away and now the race was cancelled. Now Jeff went to the rugby game and watch the Grand Final party and had a happy time. To Be Continued!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Scratch Project.


Hold down left mouse and then release when the gauge is full to throw Pokeballs. You can type "yes" when prompted to begin the game, name a Pokémon, or use a Master Ball. You will gain one Master Ball for every 10 Pokemon caught. Good luck fellow trainers!

This is a remix game and everyone and Radi-8 is gonna love this, Thank you. But This is a Night Version So Just RELAX and Play it all READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Motat Trip

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One day on the middle of the night. We had a trip to Motat that stands for Museum of Transport and technology. After we arrive, we talk to a lady that said: “Beware soldiers as this is a haunted house is a scary room”. So went inside the haunted house until there was nothing. “Oh” said Nevaeh, come on boys let’s play in the gaming room.
Nytram and Lorenzo was running to the gaming room until the lights went off. The girls were screaming hard out expect Me and Lorenzo. The girls thought they were gonna die. But Nevaeh wasn’t scared. All the girls run away and outside the house. Until Death claw throw them on the tram and ate the girls. So Me, Lorenzo and Navaeh had only one way to fix the problem. Get the guns and kill all the Monsters and ZOMBIES! So Nytram took the Mini-gun, Lorenzo took the Machine Gun and Navaeh took the flamethrower.

So they Shoot for their lives like Rambo and kill all the zombies died from the flamethrower and then death claw came and kill them so 2 minutes later they kill the Death claw and all said: “YAY SHE'S DEAD! WE DID IT!”. Suddenly there was someone coming and it was the Death claw King. So it took hours to kill that big monster.

Everybody ran into the mirror maze and after the King DIED! Because the king hates glass.  After the king die. I got a shotgun and blow head up. Lorenzo Cut the body to eat a piece and Navaeh burn the body. But it’s not over yet, the Death claw Queen came to come and kill people.  Nytram said: KILL IT! AHHHHHHHHHH! As they were charging at the queen, and almost all of them got kill.

So we went to the helicopter and as Navaeh and Lorenzo took the Minigun and Nytram was driving the helicopter. A friend Leonardy got a sniper rifle and carefully aim at a zombie from 1096m away! He hold his breath and look where he was going to aim. He pull the trigger and BULLS EYE! He shot him right in the eye, HAY! TAKE THAT! Said him. So they were going to Sydney in Australia because it was a safe place to live. We went straight outta NZ because it was evil there.

So after they arrive to Sydney, Nytram, Lorenzo, Leonardy and Navaeh saw the Sydney Bridge and the opera house. So after as they were looking around Circular Quay and went to Olympic Park at the Rabbitohs and Bulldogs home stadium. So they went inside and saw a lot of trophies. But outside to watch the game was the Panthers vs the Roosters grand final 2003.