Thursday, 20 October 2016


This task is about reading to recall information. Answer the following questions by highlighting what answer you think is correct.
The writer grew cacti plants because she liked
(A)   their colours and prickles.
(B)   their leaves and pots.
(C)   the fact they were easy to buy.
(D)   their weird shapes and spines.
The thing that is special about the plants called "succulents" is that they
(A)   can do without water longer than other plants.
(B)   can be eaten.
(C)   are green all year.
(D)   can hold water in their prickles.
Cacti store water in their
(A)   leaves.
(B)   needles.
(C)   roots.
(D)   stems.
Succulents grow where there isn't much water. They grow in high mountains because
(A)   there is little rain.
(B)   the water flows down the mountain.
(C)   the water freezes.
(D)   the wind dries the rain.
What do cacti use most often to protect themselves from the sun?
(A)   Spines
(B)   Leaves
(C)   Nearby rocks
(D)   Passing clouds
Why do birds and insects bore holes into cacti?
(A)   For water
(B)   To eat the spines
(C)   To use them as homes
(D)   To protect the cactus

Cacti Fact Poster
Use Google Drawing to create a poster that shares lots of facts about cacti plants.
You might want to include:
  • Where to find cacti plants.
  • How they survive in deserts.
  • Why they have spikes.

Share your poster on your blog!
People find cactus in the desert or the middle of nowhere.
Cactus survive in the deserts so they don’t be eaten by any worms or caterpillars. Cactus also have spikes so if water goes them, there spikes grow and grow until summer.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The dark Cave.


On one dark cave in the middle of the night, there were three boys that were surviving. It was Rick, Daryl and Glenn. They were hunting animals and people, suddenly there was a hand coming out of the ground. Rick said: WHAT WAS THAT!
Daryl: Is that a zombie? Yes it is!

So both of them was shooting guns at them and running away so they don’t get bitten. After they jump into the deep water and swim under the cave. There were sharks, jellyfish and sea urchins. So they had only two ways to go.

  1. Go inside the shipwrecked.
  2. Swim back up.
So they made a decision, Rick said: We have to swim to the shipwreck. After they we in hide in the shipwreck both of them had seen a light, they swam and swam their. But Glenn was about to lose air. He can’t breathe, they swam fast and they reach the light.

Glenn was so lucky that he didn’t die. So they walked around the place and then took them to another deep lake but they didn’t went under the water. But they swim to the next shore.

2 minutes later. The boys found them in a jungle. There were zombies around the bushes and the trees. They had three options.

  1. Run away.
  2. Get back to the pirate ship.
  3. Swim back to shore.

So they made their decision and they choose to go back to the pirate ship. So they run as fast as they can and jump on the pirate ship and sail to New York, USA.
To Havana in Cuba, Rick took the wheel and drive away to somewhere else.

There was a ship of zombies of a Portuguese flag. But the zombies were dumb. They don’t know how to use the ship and then they crashed into a island and sunk. Glenn said: There are so stupid. So they arrive to Havana. And it was dangerous place. They do not want any culture of any country. Apart of Spain. So they went back to the ship and destroyed the whole of Cuba. Ricks crew said: YAY!!!! THEY DIED!!!!!!!!!!!! They went somewhere else again and gone to another Legendary Ship battle in the Storm.

REWARD: $200,0000.
Signed by Connor Kenway from AC3 by your friend.

So they quickly battle the one ship that was called Storm Fortress and quickly destroying the ship. He was firing mortars and the Medusa was almost destroyed and after the 10 seconds it put itself on fire and KA BOOOOM!!!!! Everybody: YAY IT'S SINKING FAST!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

My Whakapapa in maori.

My Sractch Story.

Today Guys, I'm gonna write a story about Scratch. Scratch is a app that makes your own games, websites, and apps. Scratch is a very imported web to do make codes like HTML'S, JavaScript and more.

This the website of scratch. So now it’s a very fun app for any people who wants to this and make sure that you must share what game it really wants to be.

Because if you just straight away sharing to the world. That means you can not delete the game. So Make sure that what should it be.

Got it, so thanks for reading my story. I hope you leave a comment.

Saturday, 15 October 2016


On Thursday Morning. We had a PES Olympics at Pt England at the fields. There were 7 countries that are support their colour ring. My country was Ireland that was supporting the yellow for the europe countries.

Our first game was called Football we you kick it only, you can not use your hands because that is cheating. It was close but we won 4 games! After our four games we lost to brazil and we had 2 draws. After all our games we had to see who won. And the winner is…… FIJI!!!!!!!!!

My favourite part is that we had fun. It was a very very very lovely in that beautiful sky out there.