Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Manaiakani Film Festival 2017

Thank you for This Wonderful Event last wednesday at Sylvia Park. We first had to Check the Roll at school and also the other class had to stay at school until 11:00 at Morning Tea. After we then went to the hall, then sort out our buddies with the Year 1’s, so we then went to the so buses with a Buddy and my buddy was a girl which I helped her in the Rain so she doesn't get wet.

After we got on the Bus we then went to our seats and off to the Movies we go, “Okay we off to Town’’.  I said. We then got there and saw some People from the Manaiakalani Community Service and the Picture off the Short Films that we are going to watch. 5 minutes later we then began with the Extension group of the Yr 5&6’s and Much much more from other schools.

My favourite part is when the Movies were Creative and Sharing with Kindness. Some of them we funny and also kinda cool, It’s the 10th Anniversary of that Film Festival and that Glen Taylor Has now join our school Fest of Manaiakalani.

Next year Is going to be way better than This Year's Film Festival. We are gonna do some hard work in The Summer and Winter to get these movies sorted for Next Year so we can do the best at our test’s and showing off. We can do this By learning to get smarter and Including our teachers.

Thank you So much Helpers and The Service for setting up this event for us. Without you we couldn't have fun with you, so and clap and another Thank you for this. Thank’s this is Nytram and see you soon!

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