Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Treaty of Waitangi History

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Back in 1840 the People and the Government of England Sail all the way into the Australasia Content while took them months. Their First stop at Sydney, Australia while the Aboriginals own while owning the Land they Refuse to take Contact after They Debate that this is their home as their Main Animal the Kangaroo while they had another Native Animal the Koala. Time was going after They left Australia and Sail all the way to the Next Country Unknown, while NZ was name Unknown is because back before the Deal they Accept was Not name a Country but Maoris and British wanted the land as Well, Both. But The Maoris had a Debate of their Treatment of the Country and How to keep the Environment Free. Both of the Cultures Accept so they the British told The Chief of NZ had to think of a name. Aotearoa he said, Many Months later Everyone Became free for Coming in such Beautiful Land they were given.  

By Nytram

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