Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New Years Day

On the First day of the Year we went from Auckland to Kaitaia which was A very Far Place and where My Nana live when she was little and A little city with heaps of cool stuff. After we went to the Cemetery to See my Nana’s Family who Passed in the Years and we helped them Loved and Remembered and see if there all right. Soon we took some Photos with her at the Graves near Our Family and Pray they will be safe and have a Good Life and A well Goodbye to them in the Rain while they will miss us, I feel so sad.

Next was the Beach at Kawakawa and A big amount of waves came Catching us in the Water and of to Sea. And also we had a Swim at the Beach while it was a Place we you go Fishing sometimes and go to the Beach and play some Sport while Going walking on the Sand.

And that was It Thank you for my Story.

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