Friday, 5 April 2019

Our teachers friend visited Room 2.

Hello and today's guest was Mary Anne and she goes way back when Ms Tapuke (My teacher) was in Primary & Intermediate! And from today she is now a Nurse and cardic physiologist. So what did room 2 learnt from her? And what was her dreams & inspirations to get this far as a 50 year old? Well... I will share some the facts about her family and the job she does today.

Our guest is a old friend of Ms Tapuke and she invited us to come visit us about her Malaga and her journeys. Our visitor was Ms Tapukes teacher aids Mary Anne who teach many science to become a type of Nurse. Mary anne was also a lingust which means that she learn different languages. She learned 3 different languages: French, Russian and Japanese which that makes her a polygot whichs that she can learn 3 languages or more but Mary Anne said she did it very bad so shes kind of one. She also was from a family from Bay of Plenty the middle of the North Island and she lived in a small house with dad washing her at the baby shower. During those years. She hasn't visited the house for the last 45 years. In that time of those 45 years she has been studying science to join a Nurse team for Greenlane and has tooken medical training for 3 years to join the team. 

But the main point is... Why did she came? The answer is simple. She is a cardic physiologist which she is a person who is the same as a Doctor and who checks your pulse and see how well and fast your heart is beating per minute. She also told us blood facts. She said that your body is filled up to 5 litres which is 3/4 of a bucket, every time you breathe in. Your blood travels in the carbon dixiode if think and later on gets pumped out of the body as it lets out the blood goes back to the vessels. We also got a chance to ask questions. So if I asked you if you can survive 5 seconds without no oxygen. Will you survive? The answer is...... ABSOLUTELY NOT! But if your like Superman you can survive: That's a joke, you won't get superpowers and will get 3rd degree burns. The sun relefects the Earth and gases are protecting the UV radiation from coming into the atmosphere. If you were on the beach. You will be toasted like a bread. 

Puawai Cairns - Schoolwork + Homework: Week 8 page 2 - page 9.