Wednesday, 27 March 2019

A secert fishing spot: Maui.

My Visual Mihi for 2019.

This Visual Mihi repersents the things that I care about that includes Family, Sports, Gaming and Culture. You may think I have traced all these pictures or have faded the pictures and that is making photo like you drawed it. But the things is I used a Photoshop method to colour in the shades, fade to 50%, turn into a flatten background. Colour it in and lastly remove the background by cutting the middle of the image. For myself which is the hard part was that I had to erase the background with the rubber to remove all the background surrounding the portrait. If it has tan lines or a bit of sun light. Remove that immediately! Use the colour correcter and colour that sunlight or tan line. Now you can move that picture and turn into a graphic object and put in a good place using your x and y axis. And thats how you make 1080p graphics by using HyperStudio.

Friday, 15 March 2019

My Career Malaga.

Sports, Fitness, Business, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, English, PE, Technology, Algebra, Biology.

I am a smart, powerful, humble, caring and hard working. I give a lot of things a try for reason. By never giving up!

Mostly everything.... XD.

What I care about is Family and other people. Mostly disabled, doing something kind by being a good person to a kid who is depressed could change their life so they can be the best they can be.

What I want to be in the future?
A Athlete for the NRL playing for the Sydney Roosters and a Softball team in Australia. I would get paid a lot if my skill was 100+ and that I am a superstar of that sport. But I must work hard every single moment because it is a poor chance of you being google famous for sports.


I kinda like Polyfest but there was something that really bored me. No performances!!! What? How!!! Polyfest is supposed to be a place where you could watch the best performances from different colleges, eat and play around and take your time looking around the event. But no.. We had to just learn activities that are 10 minutes long. No performances but a performance competition. So the point is that Wednesday and Thursday are the most boring days like no entertainment. But Friday and Saturdays are the BIG ONES! What I’m trying to say is I did not like the trip or the event, I would appreciate Friday for a school trip. You may want to go there but not for Wednesday or Thursday.

Leader was Silas with my group Lennox, AJ M, Maanas and Me.