Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The World is Dying!

2 People named Deniro and Terry flying to Space so they could find a new planet to live. The Earth is Dying by Aliens and FNAF Coming to our planet. We had to evacuate the planet or the planet will be destroyed so everyone on earth hops in the planet and soon blast off and flew off to space. The earth does no longer exist.

After 5 minutes in space, we then vote for what planet we should choose for our New Home and New Planet.  We then had to choose Mars or Pluto, 49% for Pluto and 51% for Mars. So they went off to Mars and they had to work hard to build houses, hotels, internet and a radio station. But they first have to clear the Radioactive in the whole planet of Mars. So more people came to mars and Helped them clear the Radioactive and build a Radio Station at the center of the planet.

Then they keep building and building houses and towers around the planet until their are finished and make Money but WAIT a It seems that a Flying Object is flowing in the clouds. IT’S A UFO! So they go to the gun shop, what they build. And then gathered them up and started shooting at the UFO and More and More UFO’s spawn in. Some people hop into a vertibird and 2 Miniguns on both sides of vertibird and charged to justice. The aliens had Ray Gun Mark 2’s and Every human had Miniguns, Rifles, Snipers and a Gatling Gun to Defeat the Aliens. 2 very boring hours later keep on fighting! Then Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy came to Mars for some back up. Then BB, Puppet, and Shadow Bonnie came. And the strongest is Springtrap.

5:59am In the Morning They keep on fighting for 5 hours and when the Clock turn to 6am The Animatronics then turned off and The Humans Won the battle. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So then Build Towns and Cities and the best part is internet and Computers, Xboxes, PS3 and 4s, Phones and Other Devices. THE END!