Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Power of Rubbish: Oranges.

Walt: to be understand and express ideas across multiple texts
Walt: link ideas back to the environment

Friday, 7 April 2017

Eating Cockroahes

WALT engage the reader by using interesting vocabulary.  

Haven’t you taste the dead bugs before? Well we have and Mrs Stickland told us to eat all of the crunchy crickets. I walk into class and I saw Mrs Stickland holding a package. It was Crickets! EWWW THEY ARE LIKE COCKROCHES! So I ate a cricket first and It was really YUM! But everyone was spitting it out.

AHHH! This is yuck said everyone. When I felt sick then I ate some Nutella so I could be yum and it did. Thats yum but It was still yuck because their we crickets on the nutella AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Thanks for reading my Story. If you want to read more. Then go to my Blog want I post in the past. Thank you.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Problem Solving Wk 10, Term 1.

Walt: solve multiplication problems. 


Walt: make connections across multiple texts.
Walt: We Are Learning about what eats in A Big Food Web.

Do you believe in Ecosystems? Will nature does and we are going to learn what is Bugs Eat in a Food Chain. A Food chains is with one animal eat one plant eats the other. But a food web is the 2 or more animals eat the same animal that creates a food web what I made. 

So a Orchid Mantis eats a Mosquito and a Moth. A Jumping spider eats a human a Mosquito a moth and a Orchid Mantis. A Koala Bear eats a the same. But the dangerous of all the Japanese Snipe eats almost all in the photograph.