Thursday, 25 August 2016

Winning GOLD!!

At the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, I was standing on the podium next to some people. I was so nervous because I had to stand in front of millions of people in the crowd. I could hear the crowd cheering, shouting and yelling at me. I saw fireworks and the lights at the stadium, I could smell the smoke and the food that the people made.

When I was standing on the podium. I saw the judge giving my gold medal and my Trophy to me. I was so happy that I won a gold medal for my country, my parents were so proud of me. When I stood there I flag and my national anthem got to be put on.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Learn O Meter.

Walt: Find key information and think about what we read.
Walt: Understand how monitoring technology is changing sports and athletes lives.

Key Concepts:

 - Technology is helping athletes go faster & able to break world records.
 - Some technology advances in sport are actually cheating. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

How has the bike changed.

Olympic NZ Mascots.

Hi my Name is Tiki, and I am the Olympics mascot for 2016 at New Zealand. I really don’t know what is my Height and My Weight, but I was Born on the March 24th in 1995 and my League position for this year is Prop, Second Rower and Centre.

Tiki lives deep in the heart of Mount Smart, a volcano that lays dormant. He loves travelling to visit his family that live all around New Zealand. The volcano was named after the Mt Smart Stadium.

He’s as hard as granite. No one dares run in his direction because it’s like running into a brick wall. His haka is known throughout the land as the most fierce and intimidating there is but he's always a team player and always encourages those around him to be the best they can be.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Egg 20 metre Sprint.

When I walked into class, I saw some eggs and pens on the table. After when the bell rang, we went outside to the park for a weird race.
Before we were about to start the race, we had to design our own egg. I drew some googly eyes, curly hair and he had a broken head. My Eggs name was Champion and he was from USA.

In the race we had to go over something and under something. There was a lot of people cheating, killing the eggs and winning. When I cracked my egg, the other eggs were screaming and crying.
My favourite part in this race was having fun. When my egg died I felt angry because I thought the egg would be a winner but now he is a loser.