Friday, 15 April 2016

Bye Bye fans

It is April the 15 and it is my last blog post and so I am leaving, so bye bye fans I'll will see you next term. Bye.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sense of sight - The Messy Room

I walked into my sister’s room and it was in a mess. I saw rotten socks, Clothes around the room, And the cat eating mices. I was smelly and so stinky, He had hunger busters boxes and pizza hut boxes.

When we got some mcdonalds he was making another mess in his room. He got told him to eat in the kitchen because so he doesn't make a mess. ``

I gave her a growling. And I told him to clean the room. Then he vacuumed the room.


Monday, 4 April 2016

The Wild Night

Written By Nytram Salt

Last Tuesday on the 22nd of march, I sprinted to school as fast as I could. I heard a rumbling noise in the night. I was so shocked because the thunder was getting bigger and bigger. I could hear the wind blowing hard on our tent’s. I shared my tent with Talaoloa and Kruz, I was so angry when they kept telling stupid stories.

The next day it was our Year 5&6 concert, The Kind ‘a Krazy team came 3rd. The Kind Kings came 2nd. And the Kind Legend’s won the concert. In the next night I went to my tent and went to sleep, 3 hours later the tent snapped off and the branches on the tree broke off. I thought that I was gonna die. So I walked to the library as fast as I can. In the library, I heard something strange, it was the wind and the storm. It was a very terrible night.

On the last day of camp, We went to the pools for the whole day. It was a fun day at the pools and at camp,
So we went back to school and watch a movie at the end of the day. On 3 o'clock it was bye bye to the year 6s because it was their last time on camp.

I on both nights I was a scary night on Tuesday and Wednesday. I felt scared because viliami was crying like a baby.