Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Cross Country

WALT: structure a recount
On the Day of Friday September the 1st there was an Important day that happen which makes us Fit and that we had CROSS COUNTRY!! It was the fun run who did the the sport for us and they gave us a sponsor paper that we can raise to get a prize. We having good breakfast and made a healthy lunch for the big day.

When I just got to school very early I went to the class and just save my energy for Cross Country and that I was very scared for the run last week. This is going to be super scary, so what I did is did some training for 10 minutes so I can come in the Top 10. I was writing a story about the cross country so I can come in the top 5. So when it hit 11:00 I just panic for 5 minutes until the run of cross country, I can do this! So I prayed so I can come in the top 5 and have the best race, also run as fast as I can. Then Mr Burt first called the Year 1’s and then the clappers went, 3, 2, 1, BANG!!!!!!!!

Of I went so I was jogging for the start of the race, I feel like going to the toilet but It was too late. Then I past the very first cone of the run, I was having a problem by running in the mud because it was so heavy that I would drowned in quicksand. Yes I made it, out I went from the mud then I got a KM to go then I made a Mistake for Gassing Leiite for good. Then leonardy come through the cone then I saw him coming 4th. I tried to catch him but I couldn’t. So I just ran all the way back by coming 5th in the cross country.

I just came 5th I was alright with it but I drank some water, soon, I WAS BUSTING!!!!!!!! So off I went to to the toilet and just felt alright as soon I got out of the toilet, But I DID wash my hands. So we watch the rest of the race and felt very tired from the run. Then we went back home safely. The End.

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