Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Immersion Assembly Term 2 2017.

Walt: using exciting language.
This Morning, was our first day back at school for Term 2 so we headed to assembly. Our First talk was Mr Burt talking about the old and the new Chromebooks. And the Man donated $250.000.00 to help us kids to have some Chromebooks.

The School Theme for this term is Now that's Thinking. All teams are doing different themes.

So After Mr Burt’s korero, The First team was Team 1. They were talking about Making Kites and Seeing if they can fly, team 2 is doing the same theme as team 1. Team 3 was talking about Matariki. So Mr Moran was at the beach with his boat and throwing stones into the sky to make stars. Team 5 was talking about how to fix stuff like bob the builder, they are going to fix things up around the school.

Team 4’s Topic was about What kinds of technology did Maori use before Pakeha arrived in NZ. There are a lot of things Maori used before the Pakeha. Pakeha’s made cars before Maori’s. And Pakehas Made watches, Internet and Farms before Maori’s.

During the term. I want to learn about how Xbox was made.  And what was it sponsored by and what games they make like PewDiePie who Makes $

I hope this term is going to be good because I'm serious if this is not a good term. THIS IS BAD!!!!!!!! REALLY BAD!!!!

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