Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Castaway Story.

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One day there was a Man who was stuck on a island after he crashed his plane. So he was lost by himself with no people around him. He was injured both legs and he was trapped for 2 years.

The Next day, he had to make shelter to keep him warm and dry, so he had to walk around to find things to make his shelter. He then walked around the beach to find some bamboo and sticks to build his shelter, then he had to find something to tie the sticks together so he found some flax. So after tieing the sticks together he had to go and collect some Fronds to put over the shelter to make a roof. He then decided to collect more leaves to make a carpet for his bed. And had to collect wood for his fire.

The Next day, he was going to hunt for some food, so he was walking around the island and he came across a tree with coconuts on it, so he climbed up the tree and got all the coconuts and threw them to the ground. Close by was a banana tree near the coconuts and he got the bananas off the tree. After taking all the fruit back to his shelter, he went to find a stick to make a spear for him to go fishing in the sea, and also to find any other sea creatures around the island. After he caught a big shark in the sea so he took it back to his shelter he went back to the sea and got some fish in the ocean.

So he had to make a sign out of sticks in the sand that say’s help. And next to it he had to make a fire just in case the rescuers couldn't see the help sign, and we could light the fire if we saw a boat in the ocean. So he can go to sleep on the next day the rescue the castaway man who was stuck for 4 years.

When he woke up he can hear a loud noise and the man ran all the way to the beach and waving his hands to the helicopter so the helicopter dropped a ladder so he can be saved so he can get back home to see his kids. THE END!

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