Thursday, 30 March 2017

Spitting Spider Vs Lee Mantis Mosquito

Walt: write narrative using descriptive language.

The Spitting Spider is Up against the Mantis Mosquito so they fight now. So the jumping spider is chasing it. The Mantis is trying to run away from the spider because it’s to hungry to catch its prey. Now it shows it’s like a mosquito so it can chase it away then the spider walk’s away and the mantis is safe.

Then the he goes to meet the master to have a fight. Stop hitting me then now they land into a flesh eater plant and trap on the plant. OH NO! NOO NOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The plant has eaten the gunts and the master.

But the Spider came back and laugh at them dying without suffering and now the spider goes to Sydney to watch a Game of the Roosters. SUP Sonny Bill, Sup Dylan. And the Spider live happily ever after.

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