Thursday, 9 February 2017

Room 7 Eating fried worms.

WALT: write quality introductions.

Have you ever try to drink worm’s soup before. Have you tried a worm snake? I don’t think so, You must drink it and this is our only 3 rules. 1: You must be tough. 2: You must have to eat worms before. 3: There’s no rule number 3.

I was so sad that we were not to have fried worms. Because were have to eat the worms which french people eat.

When Mr Goodwin… was being crazy when he show us a video of chicken fried worms. “Okay guys I’m gonna pull the worms out”. He are the worms! Said Mr Goodwin. He finished cooking the worms. “They are now ready said Mr Goodwin, who's brave enough to eat the fake fried worms. “MEE!!!!!! MEE!!!!! MEEE!!!!” said everybody.

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