Thursday, 1 December 2016

Animal Race

One day before Christmas. It was a very sunny day and there was a person called Jeff. He had a baby eyes, a bunny head and rugby clothes. He was rich and wanted to go to the rugby game in Sydney. But the problem is that he had to go to the Animal Race. So he pick a Pokemon out of Raichu, Giratina and Squishy’s Evolved. So he choose Giratina the dragon pet.

He choose her because they can beat everybody at the race by flying to the finish line. And Now time for the Animal Race!!! So all the animals went to their positions. On your mark, Get set, Go. So off they went so fast now the race was against the two animals Raichu and Giratina. So he was using thunder bolt and now they started to fight.

Now the Race is with to 1 people and Almost they all at the finish line. Suddenly it started to rain! Everybody was running away and now the race was cancelled. Now Jeff went to the rugby game and watch the Grand Final party and had a happy time. To Be Continued!!!!!!!!!!!

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