Friday, 14 October 2016

Writing Story of the tiny boat.

One day in the pacific ocean there were three people called Rick, Daryl and Glenn. They were in a tiny little boat padding in the lovely sun. Suddenly the clouds were getting darker and darker. They were in a very big storm with big waves and ice cubes. Rick: We have to do something, Daryl: What? Glenn: THERE! That pirate ship.

So they paddle to the big Man O War ship. They jump onto the ship and pirates were shooting the cannons, they were dodging them. They had 2 things to do.

1: Fight the pirates and steal the ship.

2: Be like pirates.

So they had guns and swords, the pirates got angry. Pirate Captain: CHARGE!!!!! Rick: CHARGE!!!!!! They we fighting and fighting until then they killed all the pirates. But there was one pirate left, it was the captain. So They climb up to the top the ship and air assassinate the captain.

Rick took the wheel and drive to a safe ocean in the land. They drive away with crew on the ship. There were ship there that Rick and his crew see in the ocean. The was a big Man O War that was Lvl 75. Our ship was Lvl 60. So the ship was firing mortars to the ship then both of the ships were shooting at each other, After the ship was on fire and it was about to charge! Rick turn the ship around and then BOOM! The lvl 75 ship sunk. Everybody: YAY!!! SHE SUNK!

After going to a safe ocean, Rick had a name to called the ship… Here called it the Medusa, a ship that was a pirate hunter. They went to Jamaica at Kingston town to repair the ship. After they finished repair the ship. The ship fully upgraded, Suddenly they went to a legendary ship
Battle with the french’s.

In the european sea, there was a 2 french legendary ships called Pirgim and Cerberus. One they sunk one ship the other ship set’s itself on fire and tries to charge at you. They were setting the ship on fire with barrels and a big shot on with the cannons. Everybody: They both sink we did it. They Now got their reward.

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