Monday, 26 September 2016

Staying at my uncle's House.

On friday, Me and my sister went to go to my uncle’s house in One Tree Hill. We were training, playing rugby and go to the field’s to do some goal kicking. We had to do level 1 to 10. If you past level 10 then you have to start all over again to level 1 to 20 by drop kicking.

I made it to level 10, 30 metre’s from the middle to the goal post. I kicked the ball as hard as I can. But I went all the way up, Hit the out right and Then MISSED!!!!. “(NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I have had been training for the whole YEAR!).

After we had finished goal kicking. We back to my uncle’s house to eat nacho’s with mince on it. Then we went on the computer to watch this scary test. If you scream our get scared that mean’s you lose.

When it was late We watched the NRL finals series, Sharks Vs Cowboys. I was going for the Cowboys. And my uncle and cousin’s were going for the sharks. I was angry about the cowboys lost to the sharks 32-20.

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  1. Whoah! Sounds like your goal kicking is improving, keep practicing! I was also gutted that the Cowboys lost to the Sharks. Who are you going to be supporting in the Grand Final? I think I'm going to be supporting the Storm :)