Thursday, 14 July 2016

State Of Orgin

Last night on wednesday. 9:30 was the state of orgin game 3, NSW had lost the series but do they want to win their game or would Queensland win their 3-0 game, let’s see.

On that night. We went to buy some popcorn and lollies for the game. When the game started, NSW kickoff it was closed. But Greg Inglis scores the 1st try in the game. JT had miss the kick so it was 0-4.

NSW kickoff again. It was hard for queensland. But Tyson Frizell scores the try. James Maloney gets the kick in. Half time score was 6-4.

There was a lot of players scoring tries. The score was 12-14 to Qld. It can down to the last minute, tick tock tick tock. Michael jennings was stepping and stepping and scores the try for NSW. When the siren blow. The captain Paul Gallen retired from NSW so he had a shot. He wasn’t good at kicking. Then he got the kick in. On full time, the score was 18-14. But Queensland still won the series.

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  1. Hi Nytram
    I have enjoyed reading on your blog all about what you have been doing and the games you have been watching. It sounds like this State of Origin game was an exciting game. I like how in this blog post you have also grouped your ideas into paragraphs, well done! Keep up the writing about your holidays!