Monday, 4 April 2016

The Wild Night

Written By Nytram Salt

Last Tuesday on the 22nd of march, I sprinted to school as fast as I could. I heard a rumbling noise in the night. I was so shocked because the thunder was getting bigger and bigger. I could hear the wind blowing hard on our tent’s. I shared my tent with Talaoloa and Kruz, I was so angry when they kept telling stupid stories.

The next day it was our Year 5&6 concert, The Kind ‘a Krazy team came 3rd. The Kind Kings came 2nd. And the Kind Legend’s won the concert. In the next night I went to my tent and went to sleep, 3 hours later the tent snapped off and the branches on the tree broke off. I thought that I was gonna die. So I walked to the library as fast as I can. In the library, I heard something strange, it was the wind and the storm. It was a very terrible night.

On the last day of camp, We went to the pools for the whole day. It was a fun day at the pools and at camp,
So we went back to school and watch a movie at the end of the day. On 3 o'clock it was bye bye to the year 6s because it was their last time on camp.

I on both nights I was a scary night on Tuesday and Wednesday. I felt scared because viliami was crying like a baby.

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