Thursday, 18 February 2016

Narrative Writng.

Narrative Writing
WALT: understand the features of narrative writing.

Character (who)
My Name is Craig.
Setting (where)
Problem (plot)
Something is missing and it was a tent.
Resolution (how problem is fixed)
Mum and Dad find it in the forest.

Introduction - Characters & setting. (Who? when? where?)

2 years ago. There was a boy name Craig. Early in the morning, they were cooking marshmallows and hot dogs. Then they went to have a swim at the beach.

After their swim at the beach, the tent was gone! Mum and Dad had to go and find before sunset. It was deep deep deep in the forest, after they found it.

But it was stolen by a thief. Later

Problem - What went wrong?

After they finished their swim at the beach. The tent was gone!

Resolution - How was the problem fixed? Can be sad or happy.

Mum and Dad go and find the tent but It was deep in the forest. After they found it but it was stolen. Later bring it back in the night.

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