Monday, 29 February 2016

Narrative Writing, Crocodile Story.

Narrative Writing
WALT: write a narrative story that has an introduction, problem and resolution
Man, Crocodile, Bull Shark,
(where & when)
River, New Zealand, Auckland,

What went wrong?
The Crocodile tips the boat over.

How is the problem is fixed?
The piha helicopter saves the man, the zookeeper takes the crocodile to the zoo.

Introduction - Characters & setting. (Who? where? when?)
Tim, Crocodile, Bull Shark,
Rangitoto, NZ,
Sunday Afternoon,

Problem - What went wrong?

Sunday Afternoon, there was a man name tim. Here was fishing in his boat, he was waiting waiting for a fish so he could feed his cat. 1 hour later, There was 2 big sea animals, It was hooked on the rod then tim was pulling and pulling, later on, it was a Bull Shark and a Crocodile!. Tim was so scared because he was not strong and brave, he was crying like a girl, Screaming like a girl, Acting like a girl and crying like a baby. Then the Crocodile and the Bull Shark eaten tim’s bum.

Resolution - How was the problem fixed? It can be sad or happy.
The Zookeeper can take the Crocodile and the Bull Shark back to the zoo

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