Wednesday, 9 December 2015


My made up dinosaur is I-Rex because it’s like a T-Rex like a meat eater that means it was a carnivore. A I-Rex is more stronger then a T-Rex, it lived 90 millions years ago. A I-Rex dinosaur can’t run fast because they are too big.

He lived in a forest named jurassic park, USA. This fossil was found in the forest in the cretaceous park when he got killed by a ankylosaurus. 65 million years ago. It was a dinosaur that killed the triassic period because the triassic dinosaur are to skinny because they don’t have armor.

His teeth is to killed small dinosaurs. His tail does move back and forward and stay up so he can move. His body is very strong, because he has armor. His nose goes it into his brain so he no who he kills. His legs make him to move.
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