Thursday, 19 March 2015

Motat story.

Write a recount about going to MOTAT (Museum of Transport and Technology)
Use the plan below to organise your writing. Choose some of the vocab
Make sure you are using effective paragraphs. Focus on the highlighted points.
When you have finished copy and paste your writing  onto your blog and add a photo : Class Site - Media - MOTAT - Take a screenshot
Copy and paste our L.O.s as well

L.I. Writing Using Effective Paragraphs.

Start with a topic sentence.
⚈ Have at least 2-3 connected sentences.
⚈ Have sentences that are effective with
. (a) varied beginnings, (b) juicy vocab e.g action/descriptive words (c) grammatically correct (d) punctuated correctly.
⚈ Have a variety of sentence types/lengths/complexities
(e.g. speech,exclamation,statement/simple/complex/short/long.)

Interesting Beginnings
After a short/long time
As she spoke
Before long
As soon as
With excitement
With concentration
Trying my best
With curiosity
Looking carefully I
Walking into the room
Climbing the stairs
When I got to the top
Looking out of the window
Stepping into the maze
Finding my way out
Sitting inside the..
Standing in the
Locked in the stocks I..

Hook/Introduction: Paragraph 1 (to hook your reader in then to give them enough information so they know what you are writing about)
a step back in time, exciting, curious,
The year fours and our teachers, went to see Motat on Monday. We got there on a old bus. It was exciting because I wanted to go, to the challenge zone.

Paragraph 2: Instruction time
introduced, waited patiently, listened attentively, Katherine our educator, schedule, explicit instructions
We have to wait patiently, so we can do exciting things. Katherine our educator, gave us explicit instructions about the exciting thing that we had to do.

Paragraph 3: (Rearrange these paragraphs to suit what your group did - Remember you don’t need to talk about everything just the highlights for each)
Inventions lesson;
interesting kiwi inventions - ingenious flytrap, toothpaste scooper, bungy (AJ Hackett)
a comparison of modern and old technologies - writing tools - typewriter, quill, cameras, lights
My group first learn about comparison of modern and old technologies. We look at the different for new and old.

Paragraph 4: Quiz Trail (choose 1-2 of the things you liked best and write a paragraph about each)
a chance to explore,
a) the village, outhouse/schoolhouse/cottages/jail - with stocks
b) communications - an assortment of telephones, switchboard operator
c) pump station - massive wheel
d) tram ride - gentle rocking, clickety clack, remain seated
e) whisper dome - sound ricocheted off the dome,/cone
f) Game Zone - pulleys and levers, wheels and cogs
At motat, class one went to the motat village outside. Then we went to the pump station. And we went on the tram ride but it was boring because all of the talking.

Paragraph 5: Exploring the Inside Exhibitions (choose 1-2 of the things you liked best and write a paragraph about each)

a) mirror maze - deceptive, an illusion, collided with,
b) earthquake cafe - shuddering, rumbling, violent shaking
c) static electricity dome - purple lightning
d) rotating wheel, spinning, dizzy
The fun part was the mirror maze because it was hard to find the right way. And my very fun part is the earthquake cafe because it keep shaking and rumbling.

How you felt about the experience of going to MOTAT
I feel cool because it was fun and it was cool and I like everything in motat

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