Friday, 13 March 2015


Write a recount about making happy face biscuits.
Use the plan below to organise your writing. Choose some of the vocab
Make sure you are using effective paragraphs. Focus on the highlighted points.
When you have finished copy and paste your writing  onto your blog and add a photo : Class Site - Media - Cookie Face Photos - Take a screenshot
Copy and paste our L.O.s as well

L.I. Writing Using Effective Paragraphs.

Start with a topic sentence.
⚈ Have at least 2-3 connected sentences.
⚈ Have sentences that are effective with
. (a) varied beginnings, (b) juicy vocab e.g action/descriptive words (c) grammatically correct (d) punctuated correctly.
⚈ Have a variety of sentence types/lengths/complexities
(e.g. speech,exclamation,statement/simple/complex/short/long.)

Interesting Beginnings
After a short/long time
While the
Before long
In no time at all
As soon as
With concentration
Feeling frustrated
Feeling excited
Spreading carefully I
Trying to
With ..
Waiting patiently I
In our classroom
Sitting at the table
Sitting next to
Waiting on the mat

Hook/Introduction: Paragraph 1
Describe the weather, explaining that the picnic was cancelled.
Vocab: drizzling, dull sky, dark clouds, showers, disappointed,
On friday we disappointed because the picnic was cancelled because it will be rainy a little bit.

Paragraph 2:
Preparing to make Happy Face Cookies
enthusiastic, excited, with anticipation, mouth watering, ingredients,
wait patiently
Two weeks ago we were going to make face with the ingredients and wait patiently.

Paragraph 3:
Decorating the biscuits
design, spreading carefully, concentrating hard, placing delicately, sprinkling, sticky mess, gooey fingers, colourful, originality, creative, sharing fairly, cooperate,
When we start making our cookies we decorate them.

Paragraph 4
Eating the cookie
delicious, tasty, melting in my mouth, crumbling, crunchy, sweet
When were finished we eat it on the mat.

How you felt about the experience of making happy face biscuits.
Those biscuits were delicious and tasty.

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